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The Time Mechanic

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Being Invisible

My new character has that ability. It’s a great power when she uses it for good. It gets her into trouble too. She likes floating around in her happy place, risking nothing. Loneliness drives her back into the land of the living. Awkward, she scurries down the streets, never lifting her head to meet anyone’s eye. She has art to share with the world, though.

It’s kind of like that for us writers, I think. My mentor and teacher started the wonderful writing group I attend. She made us pronounce, “I’m a writer.” She said, ‘Don’t leave your stuff at home in a box, send it out there!’

And so we scurried, and lifted our eyes, just a little bit. There’s lots of rejection letters involved. The money seems invisible too. But every reader is precious, and sometimes a very kind person at a publishing house takes notice.

The Invisible Writer- we’re a little shy. But although you can’t always see us, we hope our words have an effect.